How to Enhance Cleavage Hide Back Fat and Smooth those Curves

My Trial of the Magic Cleavage Enhancing Shapewear Bra

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My trial of the cleavage enhancing shapewear

The Struggle

For anyone who struggles with fashion decisions, there’s a product which makes life just that bit easier in the base layer stakes.

For years I have myself struggled with the ‘head vs heart’ approach to purchasing outfits.  Like many women, my head says an outfit won’t look that great on me but my heart says ‘ it’s gorgeous and a must-have’.  This is where my journey into the realms of body shape and contouring started.  Looking for a solution to help me make the purchases I wanted instead of what I should buy was quite a journey.

The Problem

The problems actually start with modern clothes design.  Modern women’s fashion is produced  to fit the body shapes made popular by celebrities.  This means that if you are an ordinary woman (Maybe pear shaped, maybe post children) with an average body some help may be needed to avoid looks of derision when wearing the latest fashion.

Because I have a love of light floaty dresses, my lack of tone and bust meant that I suffered from that all too well known wobble synonymous with us middle aged women and an imbalance between the top and bottom.

The Solution

There are many products available to redress the balance when it comes to base layering and for my particular wish list I chose the Magic Cleavage Bra.  Although the company advertise it as a bra, it is in fact shapewear and more like a corset bra, it also comes bundled with a pair of matching knickers for stomach and hip contouring.

My Findings

Firstly, the reason I chose to try this particular item was the demonstration video on the website.  I thought the bust enhancement looked impressive and the description of what the product does ticked all the boxes. Also, the model was quite clearly an ordinary woman like myself.

The order arrived within 2 days which was a good start.  The packaging was as to be expected and thankfully for me, didn’t state on the outside what the contents were.  My first impression of the garment was that it was much lighter than I’d expected.  The fabric is described as ‘lycra rich’ but feels more like the fabric from really light sports clothing.  The fabric is porous also which means it is comfortable in warm weather as the skin is allowed to breathe.

The first thing I did when putting it on was to try the cleavage adjustment in front of a mirror hoping to emulate the video results. The results actually seemed better than the demonstration and had me giggling like a schoolgirl.  My bust went from lifeless to perky cleavage at the pull of a string and any scepticism vanished.  Even more noticeable for me was the fact that I had none of the ‘cutting in’ and bulging which is normally there when I wear my usual bras.

The Bottom Half

The accompanying knickers were surprisingly supportive and covered the stomach and hips firmly but comfortably.  Even without a top layer I could see the lack of wobble through movement.

The Plunge

Even after all the excitement of the way the product fitted, I was still apprehensive about what the result would be with a dress on top.  For the trial I decided to try a light summer dress with quite a low neck.  For this, I removed the extra (halter) straps from the bra (they are detachable).

I must say that the results were better with a layer on top and because the Magic Cleavage Bra fabric is so smooth, there was no bunching of the dress and everything felt natural and flowing.


After having the Magic Cleavage bra for just over 2 weeks, I must admit to having ordered more. I have no problem wearing it all day and have played around with the level of cleavage enhancement to vary the effect occasionally.  I think that anything which can make me feel more feminine in my middling years can only be a good thing.

The product is available online at Magic Cleavage UK